Isabella Updates

Isabella Updates

Isabella is 12 weeks old today! To celebrate we got up early and went to daily mass, her first time. She was very good, only a couple of little coos. Saved the fussing until we were in the car on the way home. Of course, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t a disruption. I have a feeling a few of the good ladies who are regular mass goers were more than a little distracted by the cuteness that is Bella. I know there was a stir as I walked in and sat down. And we were rushed at the end of mass by a crowd of well wishers who wanted a closer look and offered their praise and congratulations.

After mass we both had breakfast (yum, oatmeal!) and then a much needed snooze in the recliner.

On Saturday I washed a load of 3-6 month clothes. And Sunday she wore one of her new dresses to church and was quite the stunner.

Some of the 0-3 outfits still fit; but many need to be retired. There are a bunch of beautiful new dresses I’m eager to see her in. Sadly, no pictures as the digital camera is broken. Oops.

She’s gotten so big. I was just looking at pictures of a newborn and realizing she’s definitely not one anymore. She holds her head up so well now, Dom will have to stop calling her “Bobble-head Bella”. She loves to sit or stand in my lap, anything as long as she is upright and can look around.

Right now she’s dozing in her swing, sucking on her fingers, her new favorite thing. She also loves sucking on her blankies and pulling up her shirt or skirt to suck on it. A couple of toys have slo found their way into her mouth. And she tends to be very drooly too.

She’s very smiley and happy and starting to laugh a bit too. Though more often she squeals, sounding a bit like a crow. She’s starting to be ticklish too.

Guaranteed to make her laugh: hitting her head with her feet. Stops the crying everytime. Evidently it’s just so funny you can’t not smile.


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