Isabella Updates

Isabella Updates

She’s now six weeks old! I can’t believe it.

Today we went to the hospital for a hip ultrasound. Evidently the breech position tends to force the ball of the hip out of the socket, predisposing to dislocation after birth. Our doctor had no reason to suspect a problem, so the ultrasound was simply a precautionary double-check.

The radiologist said her hips are fine. She screamed throughout the procedure, but that’s because she was hungry. I think the ultrasound itself did not bother her a bit.

My sister-in-law warned me about the explosive poop that escapes out the diaper and goes all the way up the baby’s back. Well, she’d fallen asleep in the car on the way home from the hospital so I let her sleep. (NEVER wake a sleeping baby is my motto.) When she finally woke up she was very hungry. Then when she was done of course it was time to fill the diaper. I had her propped on my lap and was making faces and I let her sit there for a bit because the loud explosive poop noises kept happening. Finally, I decided she was done and it was time to change her.

As I walked through the kitchen I noticed a fishy sort of smell. I first thought it was coming from the garbage can. Then, is that you, Bella? Yep, a sniff confirms the smell is coming from her. As I place her on the changing table, I notice a big wet spot on my pants leg. Did the diaper leak? Yep. I looked her over to see where it came from and discovered a big dark spot in the middle of her back.

“Dom, remember what Evy said about explosive poop that goes up the back?” I call. Oh boy what a mess. As I lay her on her stomach and try to roll up the onzie so as not to get poop in her hair when I pull it off he goes to fetch a washcloth and fill a bowl with water. Today was laundry day and I’d just put a new sheet on the changing table. I tried not to get it dirty.

I wiped her down and then set to work with the wash cloth. I’d planned to give her a bath today anyway. She had fuzz in the folds of her neck and between her fingers and toes and I dropped oatmeal in her hair yesterday while eating breakfast. (I cleaned it at the time, but she still needed a shampoo.)

Of course she managed to kick over the water bowl as she was thrashing angrily. She does not like baths. So I had to change the sheet anyway. But in the end I had a clean, happy little girl cooing at me from the bed with her little wet curls sticking up crazily.

Now she’s all clean in a pretty purple outfit. Ready for her first overnight away. We’re going up to Maine to visit Grandma B and Auntie Francesca.

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