Bella’s Got a Brand New List

Bella’s Got a Brand New List

My former roommate Shanna was in town this weekend with her finace and stopped by this afternoon. She brough a gift for Bella and how well she knows me… she gave books. The classic: and a book I’d never heard of, but that looked very cute: which reminds me of The Monster at the End of This Book.

Oddly, not many people have given us baby books yet (sad). Maybe they feel intimidated giving books to us. Maybe they just figure she’s too young yet (true). In any case, I was delighted to get books and inspired to finally post Bella’s own Amazon Wish List. I’d been posting children’s books on my list; but I think it will make things easier if I separate them. Now friends and family will know what books to get her. I hope our library will grow by leaps and bounds. Though we’ll soon have to purchase another bookcase!

All of the books on the list are well advanced of where she is now, of course, but I’m adding many she won’t be ready to read for years. Because I’m thinking of them now and I don’t want to forget them. And because it’s never too early to start building a good library. And because I’m a children’s book addict and I love reading them myself.

My parents have already called to tease me about the length of the list—57 books! I’m just getting started, I tell them.

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