Beautiful…but is it art?

Montserrat College is offering a chance for their students to go down to NY to see The Gates  in Central Park. All of the pictures I’ve seen of this installation are beautiful. I love the images of these bright saffron sails billowing in Central Park. I love Central Park. I almost have to go every […]

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The end of The Hunt

I heard on the radio this morning that they have banned hunting with dogs in England. I am strangely saddened. Probably another example of how odd we Americans are idealizing things British.  I’ve never seen the hunt. And if I did, I’d be rooting for the fox. But the idea that no longer will men […]

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She emailed and said that she wanted to sit down and talk to me about Man’s Search for Meaning. I remembered how it had affected her last semester. She accidentally picked it up and started reading it instead of Candide and then wrote about it in her enrty on Wordsworth’s “I Wandered Lonely as a […]

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snow again?

This is the sort of night that the phrase “winter wonderland” was coined to describe. though I might actually prefer “fairyland.” After raining all day it turned to snow at evening and the wetness is making the snow stick to everything… each single twig turned into a sugar stick. The quality of the light is […]

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“…people do not learn from experience; they learn from reflection and interpretation.”—Louise Cowan “The Odyssey and the Efficacy of the Imagination”

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two interesting articles

The Political Problem of Islam the title speaks for itself. good summary of history of Islamic political thought. Jerusalem’s Claim on Us about the paradox of Greek and Hebrew influence in the Western intellectual tradition. You can also hear a version of these ideas delivered in Dr. Cowan’s own distinctive voice in a lecture titled […]

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I feel so helpless, knowing Terri is in pain alone in a hospital room, far away. I know I am not really helpless, I’ve prayed for her, with her. I talked to her for awhile and I could tell just that calmed her, distracted her at least. But I want to be there to hold […]

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teaching Hamlet

A while back I ordered some books from the Dallas Institute, among them The Tragic Abyss. Now that I am teaching Hamlet once again, I thought to see if there was an essay on it in the book. There was. A very good one. I have known intuitively that there was a Christian understanding of […]

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