First Walk

Yesterday I had my two week OB visit and was cleared to drive and do more physical activity. Therefore, this afternoon Isabella and I took our first stroller outing, walking down to the grocery store to get eggs, milk, bread, fresh fruit and diapers. Little Bella slept the whole way down and back and is still sound asleep in her carrier, though the arms are starting to stretch and the eyes to blink and I think it will soon be time for her diaper to be changed.

Fortunately we are blessed today with sun and nice weather and I was able to enjoy the flowers and the fresh air. I hope we’ll be able to make walks a daily ritual, though for now we still have to have Dom help me carry the stroller up and down the steps. I hope we’ll soon be able to venture as far as the park and enjoy the ocean breezes.

The next door neighbor was out sweeping her walk and came over to ooh and aah. Several ladies at the supermarket did the same. And so did all the nurses yesterday at my doctors. Universally everyone comments on how alert and wide eyed she is.

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  1. Simpson Snail June 11, 2006 at 11:12 am #

    AWWWW!  What a sweet cute little precious baby.  Prayers for you all.

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