Isabella updates

She s now starting to make vocalizations that aren’t crying. It sounds like she’s starting to cry, but is more of a coo because she isn’t really displeased.

She’s got a strong kick and can rock herself in her little rocking seat, htough she has a tendency to slide down into an uncomfortable looking slouch.

Tonight I took some video of Dom dancing with her in the kitchen. Very cute. Someday I’m sure it will embarass her. Maybe we’ll play it at her wedding…

Before she was having her longest sleep period in the early morning hours. Lucky me. But now she’s shifted to sleeping at length in the afternoon when I have a hard time sleeping for more than half an hour. And the early morning is a time of active alertness punctuated by several feedings. This was really hard the first few nights. I’d feed her and then lay her down in the bassinet only to have her eyes pop open and her hands start waving as soon as I turned out the light. Once I realized her pattern had changed and resigned myself to being awake it became much easier to deal with. Now I go to bed early and let Dom stay up with her until her next feeding time. Then he goes to bed and I take the late night shift. She’s training us well.

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