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Museum of Fine Arts: Quilts and Color, Magna Carta, Roman Art

So today we took a field trip to the MFA. There were two special exhibitions we especially wanted to see: the Quilts and Color exhibit and the Magna Carta. Also we wanted to see the Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance galleries to catch up with our history studies. An ambitious program and I figured we wouldn’t […]

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Field Trip Day : New England Aquarium

On Tuesday we took a field trip to the Aquarium. I’m going to make this a separate post so it doesn’t overwhelm my learning notes post, which means this will sort of happen out of order. (And I’m a little surprised that the learning notes posts have become such an institution in my mind that […]

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Learning Notes: Strawberry Picking, Banana Toes, Hedgehog houses

Monday Table time started late as I did wake up till after 8:30. Sophie whizzed through her copywork but got stuck on the math from the beginning so I decided to take a break from that. So we played a game of Mancala and then I used the little fruit pieces to do essentially the […]

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Learning Notes: Peter and the Wolf, Riding a Bike, and other Adventures

Finally my notes from last week. I write them up every day, but it takes a bit of time to add the pictures. We had a busy weekend and this was the first chance I had. Monday I keep forgetting to note when we begin the day with reading the daily lectionary readings, reading about […]

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I Heard a Fly Buzz: Learning Notes

Today was a very unschoolish day! Bella did her Life of Fred math which involved us all breaking up sticks of spaghetti and eating them raw. Sophie filled in her Saxon calendar and then we played War in lieu of a lesson. Anthony and Lucy played with the Cuisinaire rods and then Sophie sorted buttons […]

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Learning Notes

Monday Knowing this was going to be a week of appointments, I got on the school wagon early on Monday. Well sort of early. Math, reading, handwriting. Read alouds: Francie on the Run. Because we had to dive into the new book. Tuesday Pediatrician first thing. Physicals for Bella and Sophie. Then came home and […]

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