Learning Notes Week of July 9

Learning Notes Week of July 9

Monday July 9

Benedict’s 9th birthday.

Called it a school holiday and the kids spent most of the day taking turns reading Ben’s new books. Ben went out to breakfast with his Bettinelli grandparents, who also took him on a shopping trip where he got some toys and clothes. Bella drew fancy ladies in beautiful dresses inspired by the First Ladies coloring book.

No afternoon read alouds.

Bedtime Story: William Shakespeare and the Globe.

Sophie is reading Childhood of Young Americans life of Martha Washington, the book of Exodus, a novel about St Louis de Montfort.

Bella is reading lots of L.M. Montgomery

Among other things Ben got a new Asterix book and several Star Wars guides. Those have been devoured.

Anthony seems to be reading a new book every time i glance at him. I can’t even keep track.

Birthday boy with presents.
Lemon cake with chocolate frosting.

Tuesday July 10

Everyone did math and copywork and Ben did a page in Explode the Code.

We drove to the beach and had our Shakespeare class and then played in the water.

The amazing thing about having a husband working from home now is that Dom had tortilla soup ready when we walked in the door after 6pm.

Bedtime story: This Is Not My Hat.

The kids present their Shakespearian puns.
The kids present their Shakespearian puns.
Anthony at the beach.
Lucy dancing with the waves.
Ben with a net full of treasures.

Wednesday July 11

Anthony: math, copywork, read to me about St Benedict.

Ben: math and copywork and a page in Explode the Code

Sophie: math, copywork, written narration of a book about Martha Washington, French, read geography

Bella: math, copywork, Latin (attempted a Latin composition. We went over some grammar.)

Afternoon stories: Seabird (finished), St Benedict Hero of the Hills, Story of the World (about the Magna Charta), Book of Marvels (about Christophe’s Citadel in Haiti— fun because a recent issue of Archaeology magazine had an article about excavating Christophe’s palace).

Bedtime story: The Monk Who Grew Prayer.

When the animals and people are your math manipulatives.
Lucy got a new notebook, so drew a dead tree and then had me write down a couple of sentences about it for her to copy.

Thursday July 12

Anthony: math, copywork,

Ben: math and copywork

Sophie: math, copywork, French, read geography

Bella: math, copywork, Latin

Afternoon stories: St Benedict, Son of Charlemagne, Story of the Chosen People, North with the Spring, Daily lectionary readings.

The big event of the day was the stuffed animal wedding, which they’d eagerly been anticipating all week. All five kids planned and executed it and were quite satisfied with how it came off. Now they have a couple of penguins who plan to get engaged at Acadia National Park when we are in Maine.

Bedtime story: Neverending Story.

The children organized the wedding of two of the stuffed dogs. They were engaged last weekend and the wedding planning has been going on all week with much anticipation. Here, Bella holds the bride, the table is covered with wedding guests.
All the stuffed animals were decked out in wedding finery.
Anthony’s puppy got a fancy outfit.
Sophie’s penguin in her pearl bracelet was the best-dressed guest, they informed me.
Ben’s frog in flashy pants.
Even the snake found something to wear.
The wedding was presided over by Cardinal Oooj and Archbishop Slidey.
The wedding pavilion decked out for the ceremony (some penguins and a nun doll were in the “choir loft”.
The wedding party rode to the venue in the wagon after all the guests had been seated.
“You may kiss the bride.”

Friday July 13

Anthony: math, copywork, read to me from A Child’s History.

Ben: math and copywork and read a Bob book.

Sophie: math, copywork, French, read geography

Bella: math, copywork, Latin, Read a chapter of The Edge of the Sea and wrote a short narration.

Afternoon stories: St Benedict, Son of Charlemagne, Secrets of the Universe, Story of the World, Daily lectionary readings.

Bedtime story: Neverending Story.

Dance party in the kitchen.
A WW2 soldier with a gas mask or a Special Forces stormtrooper? You decide.
Bella plays Toca Lab on the ipad, with her Elements book on the cooler at her feet as a handy reference.
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  • Hi Melanie,

    Looks like you guys are having a busy summer! Do your kids wear brown scapulars or is that a different medal?


    • Bella used to have a brown scapular that she used to wear, but lost it or it broke and we’ve never got around to replacing it. Ben and Sophie have Sacred Heart medals they got from a lady at church.