More Town Forest

More Town Forest

I’ve been trying to get us all out of the house for a hike at least once a week. Last week we went back to the town forest, this time with a packed picnic lunch.

After our lunch we continued our hike into the adjacent Braintree town forest where we found the most charming little stream curling around a giant boulder. It was a beautiful spot and we were all quite charmed. We wandered a bit further and found a pretty pond, but didn’t explore it very much because some of us were ready to turn back home by that point.

Our hiking adventure saw more people and vehicles than we ever have. We saw several bike riders out enjoying the trails, one helicopter flying low circles over the woods, and an ATV whose driver stopped and chatted a minute. He works at our usual grocery store and recognized me. What a small world.

helicopter overhead
Ben watches the helicopter

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