Learning Notes Week of July 2

Learning Notes Week of July 2


Monday July 2

Anthony: math, copywork, read about St Junipero Serra

Ben: math, copywork

Sophie: math, copywork

Bella: math, copywork, Latin, read As You Like It.

Afternoon stories: Seabird, Son of Charlemagne, Story of the World, St Benedict, daily lectionary readings.

Bedtime: The Neverending Story.

Great oaks from little acorns grow. Bella was weeding the garden and found a treasure.
Bella found a pile of small feathers in the grass.
Bella found a pile of small feathers in the grass.

Tuesday July 3

Bella and Sophie did math and copywork and I took Anthony to the doctor because his ankle was suddenly swollen and painful and he didn’t remember any injury. The pediatrician sent us to the hospital for x-rays and a blood test to rule out Lyme disease (since two years ago his knee suddenly swelled up and he tested positive for Lyme.).

Bella read to Lucy, cleaned the living room, made a blueberry pie, and helped with the dishes.

Bella and I went to the grocery store.

Bedtime reading The Neverending Story.

Bella made blueberry pie!
A new Cobblestone is always exciting.
Anthony at the hospital waiting for x-rays of his ankle.

Wednesday July 4

Independence Day, pool party.

Dom’s brother always throws a huge party.

This year we had some impromptu nature study. A dragonfly landed on my finger and stayed for several minutes, letting me get a nice close look. Then there were two small pale colored frogs on the fence. At first I thought a child had left some rocks on the fence, then I thought little frog statues. And finally realized they were alive. Some googling convinced me they were grey tree frogs, so we had an impromptu science lesson.

A dragonfly landed on my finger.
Grey tree frogs perching on the fence near the pool .
Grey tree frogs perching on the fence near the pool .

Thursday July 5

Recovery day. Bella and Sophie each did a little math and copywork.

I took Anthony to the orthopedist where they did more x-rays and fitted him with a walking boot.

Friday July 6

I had a doctor appt. Sophie and Anthony did math and copywork. Anthony also read to me. Ben and Bella did no work.

Kids played board games.

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