Learning Notes Week of May 28

Learning Notes Week of May 28

Lupines in my garden.

Monday May 28 Memorial Day

The boys and Daddy marched with the cub scouts in our town’s Memorial Day parade. The girls opted to stay home with me. And missed out on the cookout and ice cream the boys got.

We took the holiday and had a quiet day at home. I baked some cookies and they mostly played with Legos.

Bedtime story: The Neverending Story.

Sophie finished The Scarlet Pimpernel. Bella is re-reading The Samurai’s Tale. She’s also been re-reading parts of Lord of the Rings.

Memorial Day cub scouts

Tuesday May 29

Ben got up early and did his copywork and Explode the Code. Then after breakfast I helped him do his math.

Sophie did her math and copywork. Anthony did math and copywork.

I took Bella to dentist. When we came home she wrote down a poem, did her math and copywork.. Bella narrated Brothers Far From Home, WWI Diary of Eliza Bates.

Afternoon stories: Augustus Caesar’s World, Son of Charlemagne, Book of Marvels, St John Masias, St Magnus.

Anthony is reading The Wind in the Willows and D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths.

Sophie is reading Francis Solano, Book of Genesis, Home is the Sailor by Rumer Godden.

Bella is re-reading The Borrowed House and The Scarlett Pimpernel.

Bella, birdwatching.
Pirates on the roof.
Anthony reading in bed.

Wednesday May 30

Anthony: math, copywork

Ben, math, copywork, Explode the Code, Bob book. Ben read to me outside, enjoying the wonderful day.

Sophie: math, copywork, composition (aka written narration) about Genesis, French, Child’s Geography.

Bella, math, copywork, composition (on birds).

I ate my lunch on the patio and after lunch as I sat and read Sophie and Ben set up a stick across a couple of chairs and started leaping over it.

Story of the World, Story of the Chosen People, St John Masias, St Magnus.

Leaping Sophie.
Leaping Sophie
Jumping Ben.
Leaping Sophie.
Jumping Ben.
Leaping Ben.

Thursday May 31

We took a family field trip to Mystic Seaport Connecticut, a maritime museum. We went on board a three masted whaling ship and a fishing schooner, admired a viking longship, talked to a cooper and learned about making casks and watched two coopers disassemble a cask and then put it back together again. We talked to a printer and learned about printing presses, watched a blacksmith at work. We visited the Vikings Begin exhibit of artifacts from Uppsala University in Sweden. And a fascinating exhibit on the Vinland map, which appears to be a 20th century forgery, a well done presentation that asked more questions than it answered.

It was a long, full day and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I think the absolute favorite was the blacksmith shop. All the children said they could have spent all day there.

The Charles Morgan, a wooden whaling ship.
Bella dreaming on the Charles Morgan.
On board the Charles Morgan, a whaling ship.
Kids thinking about bunking on the Charles Morgan.
Kids in whaling boat
Cooper’s shop, Mystic Seaport.
Cooper at work.
Ben watches the “Cooper’s dance”.
Anthony watches the coopers
Print shop at Mystic Seaport.
Blacksmith in his shop.
Anthony explores a Viking boat.
Please touch the Viking helmet!
Reproduction Viking helmet.
Lucy with shield.
Scale model Viking grave boat.
The Skeleton Seas pirates pose in the rigging.
Sophie with Viking ship.
Viking longship at Mystic Seaport.
Viking ship prow
Viking boat stern
Viking boat dragon head
Anthony and Lucy prepare to repel invaders.

Friday June 1

Anthony, Sophie, and Bella did math and copywork. Ben had his physical but when we came home did a few problems of math, a line of copywork, and read most of a Bob book with me.

Then I ran errands with Bella: library, pharmacy, groceries.

Bedtime story: Hedgie’s Surprise.

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