Learning Notes Holy Week 2018

Learning Notes Holy Week 2018

Anthony lost in Narnia.

Monday March 26

Anthony: math, copywork, Child’s History

Ben: math, copywork, read me a Bob book.

Sophie: math, attempted, but still frustrated and not making progress, copywork, French, Child’s Geography

Bella: math, copywork, Latin, composition— revised an oral narration about Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon.

Story time: began The White Stag, St Margaret Mary. (Not much time for stories as we did some last-minute shopping for Easter clothes. Listened to The Magician’s Nephew in the car.)

Bedtime story: Castle in the Air

Ben and Sophie carrying Anthony
Boys creating with math manipulatives.
Sophie and Lucy with math manipulatives.

Tuesday March 27

I didn’t remember to write anything down. But I know we did some work and I took a walk in the snow with Lucy and Ben.


Bella composing.
Ben and Lucy walking in the snow.

Wednesday March 28

Anthony: math, copywork

Ben: math, copywork

Sophie: math, copywork

Bella: math, copywork

I got sidetracked making pretzels, so everyone only did the minimum of math and copywork. The weather was fine and they wanted to be out of doors. They put on a play for themselves on the patio, ran around in costumes in the yard.

Story time: The White Stag, Alfred the Great, St Margaret Mary.

Bedtime : Egyptian Diary.

Sophie is reading a Vision book about St Vincent de Paul, the Bible, The Neverending Story, a Melendys book (I think it’s Then There Were Five). She’s starting the Winged Watchman. She recently finished The Borrowed House.

Bella has been dipping into The Lord of the Rings this week. She’s reading Chasing Space and re-reading The Borrowed House.

Anthony’s been reading The Last Battle and the Rube Goldberg book he got for his birthday.

Fancy palace/tower (detail)
Fancy palace/tower
Fancy palace/tower (detail)

Thursday March 29

Running errands, library, grocery store, clothes shopping. So not much schoolwork happened. Though I was proud of Anthony opening his math book and doing a few problems on his own with no prompting from me.

Dom did some astronomy videos with the boys for cub scouts.

Lucy in the fridge.
Sleeping with his books.

Friday Mach 30

Good Friday, no school. I spent the morning making traditional hot cross buns. We went to the Liturgy of the Passion at 3pm and came home and had buns and then ate dinner shortly after. The boys had cub scouts in the evening, an astronomy lesson.

hot cross buns
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