Learning Notes Week of March 12

Sparrow at the feeder.

Monday March 12

Took Sophie and Anthony to the doctor for physicals.

Bella did Latin while we were gone and math and copywork after we got back.

When we got back Ben did math and copywork.
Sophie did math and copywork.
Anthony did math and copywork.

Read alouds: Sword Song, Story of the World, Good Masters Sweet Ladies.

Bedtime: Castle Diary.

Lucy and the atlas.

Tuesday March 13

Bella did Latin, math, copywork.
Ben did math and copywork, Explode the Code.
Sophie did math and copywork, French, geography, dictation.
Anthony did math and copywork and made a fire safety map of the house with Bella’s help for cub scouts.

Sword Song, Augustus Caesar’s World, Book of Angels, St Margaret Mary, Door in the Wall.

Science videos: seeing the mood, the solar system scale model, about time and where the earth is in space, Cassini probe’s final descent, Huygen’s probe Titan landing.

Bedtime: Castle Diary.

White board Latin lesson

Wednesday March 14

Bella did Latin, math, copywork, dictation.
Ben did math and copywork and Explode the Code and read the first two Bob books to himself.
Sophie did math and copywork, French, geography, dictation.
Anthony did math and copywork, and read Child’s History.

Lucy tried to read the first Bob book to me. She has all the letter sounds down, but is still stumbling over blending and can’t really remember the word she just read. Almost there, but not quite ready, I think. But so very eager to learn to read.

Watched a short video on how the blue is formed on the wing scales of the blue morpho butterfly.

Sword Song, St Margaret Mary, Book of Marvels, North with the Spring, Door in the Wall.

Bedtime: Castle Diary.

Read alouds.

Thursday March 15

Bella did Latin, math, copywork, dictation.

Ben did math and then fell apart over copywork and Explode the Code. I wonder if the time change is still catching up with him. 

Sophie did math and copywork, French, and geography.

Anthony did math and copywork, and read from Stories of Great Americans.

 Lucy dictated a little composition to me, two sentences. And I wrote it out and she copied it out for herself.

Sword Song, Life in a Bucket of Soil, St Margaret Mary, Door in the Wall. Spent time looking up places we’ve read about in the atlas, taking about books and wars and learning some map reading skills.

Bedtime story: Castle in the Air

Lucy’s composition.

Friday March 16

Everyone did math. We went to the grocery store. It was really too much for me only two weeks after surgery. I came home and collapsed into bed for the rest of the day. The children were great. They ran all over the store as usual fetching all the things. They unloaded the shopping cart into the van. They unloaded the groceries from the van into the house. They put away the groceries into the cupboards and fridge and freezer. But it was still a lot of walking for me even with Bella pushing the shopping cart. (Thank God for huge almost-12 year-olds!)

So no stories in the afternoon. Dom took Bella to the library to pick up some books on hold. The kids shoveled off the patio. By the time they were done it was time to make dinner. The combination of the time change and my surgery caught up to us and undid our Friday. But I got a chance to see my kids learning to pull their weight in the family, working together to get the job done. And there’s a valuable lesson in itself.

Yet another snow storm.

The ice fell off the table in little towers, like a row of soldiers.

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