Learning Notes First Week of May

Lucy fell asleep while reading in bed.

Lucy fell asleep while reading in bed.

Monday May 2

Began the day with reading the day’s lectionary readings. Everyone was excited to see a familiar section of Acts.

I did the first chapter of Life of Fred Apples with Ben, Sophie, and Anthony. I think we all need a little break from the math we’ve been doing and this seemed like a good time to jump into LoF. Maybe next week we’ll add the MEP back in and try to do both. Or go back and forth between the two.

I pulled out the fine art postcards and we all took turns narrating what we saw. (All except Bella, who was doing something else.) Even Lucy joined in picking cards and describing them, doing pretty well for a 3 year old. Sophie is quite adept at noticing details. Ben and Anthony both surprised me at their willingness to play along and their ability to notice details and to sustain a prolonged description of their pictures. They describe pretty well, though not distinguishing between major and minor details. And they even tried to speculate about what is happening in the pictures.

Anthony read me a Bob book and copied a sentence on the whiteboard. Sophie read me A Child’s Geography of the World. She got quite frustrated with her copywork. One of those days when everything seems to go wrong.

Bella read me the first Pooh story and we discussed the similarities and differences between that and a library book she picked out, Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear. She was delighted at some of the humor in the Pooh, she’s now old enough to get some of the wit.

Bella did a page of math and eventually completed her copywork, a sentence from Robinson Crusoe.

Afternoon stories: Secret Water, two chapters because we had to uncover the mystery of the mastodon. Then First Christians, Catechism, St Martin de Porres. And Lord of the Rings. Then two picture books: I re-read War Game, the story about the soccer-playing British soldiers of WWI. And then I read The Fantastic Island, a story about the first settler on St Helena.

Bedtime stories: Birds on a Wire, a Renga about Town, a library book. And The Battle of Luke and Longnose at Lucy’s request.

Bella makes chocolate chip cookies.

Bella makes chocolate chip cookies.

Tuesday May 3

Did 2 chapters of Life of Fred with boys and Sophie. Bella did four pages of her Miquon math. Anthony read me a Bob book and copied a sentence.

Sophie read to me from A Child’s Geography.

Bella read Mother Goose to Lucy and organized the tea and coffee drawer.

Afternoon stories: Secret Water, First Christians, Mart de Porres, Faith and Life, Story of the World beginning of WWII. Lord of the Rings.

Bedtime stories: Book about the Statue of Liberty, Madeline, Birds on a Wire.

Dumptruck drama.

Dumptruck drama.

Wednesday May 4

Life of Fred with boys and Sophie. I think there’s too much writing for the boys. They like the story, though. Bella did a page of math and some copywork, a line from The Fellowship of the Rings.

We took a walk.

Afternoon stories: Secret Water, two chapters again. Faith and Life. St Martin de Porres. Story of the World, beginning of WW2. Lord of the Rings. Then several library books about electricity and forces.

Bedtime stories: Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George? and Madeline’s Rescue.

Sophie finished the St Teresa of Avila book.

Piggy back rider.

Piggy back rider.

Thursday May 5

Mass for the feast of the Ascension. Grocery shopping. Sophie did copywork, a little math, read to me from A Child’s Geography.

Afternoon stories: Secret Water. Martin de Porres. Faith and Life. First Christians. Lord of the Rings. Two Pooh stories.

Bedtime stories: Mother Goose.

A message on the doorstep.

A message on the doorstep.

Friday May 6

Field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts. Listened to On the Shores of Silver Lake going and coming home. No other reading or school work.

 I’ll write about our museum trip in a separate post. I have too many pictures and too much to say to fit into this learning notes format.

George Washington!

George Washington!

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