Guilt Free Learning Notes Link Up 13

Guilt Free Learning Notes Link Up 13

Well, I’ve been sliding as a host. Last week I totally forgot what with the Thanksgiving holiday. I decided to just merge last week’s meager learning notes with this week’s. This week…. well, I got a really bad case of poison ivy and went to the doctor on Thursday and got a prescription for prednisone. Which means I didn’t sleep much last night– I think I got to bed at 3:30– and have been a zombie all day today.

So happy feast of St Nicholas. Let’s chat about what we’ve been doing this week. Are you feeling the pressure to let school slide just a bit because we’re getting into the busy Advent season? Are you, like me, tempted to just let writing Christmas cards count as copywork? I know some homeschoolers just plan to let things go at this time of year, it’s built into their schedule. Does the liturgical year impact the way you do school?

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  • Ugh. I had to take prednisone this summer when I had pneumonia. Makes me so jumpy!! I really hope you’re feeling better soon!

    I actually did write up a Lesson Notes post, first time in a month! Will link.

    Now my kids are homeschooling at the high school level, no, we don’t take Advent off, or slow it down. Christmas and Holy Week though, yes.

  • I’ve fallen off the wagon here. Our evenings have been pretty consumed lately so I generally ask the girls, “how was school today?” and they say, “fine” and that’s the extent of our educational talk. I’m hoping we will soon fall back into normal conversation here.

    • Oh I’ve totally fallen off the wagon. Looking back at the last few weeks, I’ve totally been coasting. What little schooling has happened has been by force of habit, but very little intentionality has gone into it. I really need to get back on the ball.

  • Sorry you have to take prednisone. My daughter had a horrible case of poison ivy earlier this year and had to take it. No fun!

    I missed your link up for the past month but am glad to be back on board.