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Learning Notes: All the World’s a Stage

According to my Facebook feed, all the kids who aren’t back to school yet are getting ready to go next week. We’re still chugging along, but we’re about to finish up Volume 2 of Story of the World and to move into SotW Volume 3. I’m also thinking about starting Sophie on Saxon 1 and […]

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Nurturing Competent Communicators and Teaching Shakespeare to Children

Thanks to Jocelyn for pointing me to this most excellent lecture: Nurturing Competent Communicators by Andrew Pudewa. Every parent who wants their child to write well should really give it a listen. You don’t have to be a homeschooler. In brief: If you want to make your children into good writers, you need to create […]

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The Christus Experiment

The Christus Experiment by Rod Bennett I picked this one up on my kindle because it received great reviews from Julie Davis of Happy Catholic and Jeff Miller, the Curt Jester, whose taste in books I generally share. Even though I had some initial doubts about the storyline, I was also intrigued to see what […]

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Learning Notes Week of August 18

Monday This morning went very smoothly. A good day indeed. I got the girls through math, copywork, and reading by 10. Granted, they did the easiest math– a workbook page in Miquon– and the easiest copywork– a sentence in the workbook, and the easiest reading– a Bob book each. But at least we hit the […]

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Learning Notes: First week of August

Monday Oh it was a very Mondayish sort of Monday. Maybe because last night was a late night? The kids were watching a movie when we got back from our dinner date and we let them finish it, but they got to bed latish. Anyway, neither Bella or Sophie settled easily to their work. I […]

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