Sophie, writing

Sophie, writing


This afternoon Sophie finished the first set of Bob books. She has gained so much confidence as a reader and is eager to jump into the next set tomorrow. I felt like throwing her a party.

Then tonight it was like a switch flipped on in Sophie’s head and she was suddenly writing, writing, writing.

There in the middle of dinner Bella challenged her to read the ketchup bottle because, as Bella said, she had a mystified look on her face. After she’d read “Heinz Tomato Ketchup” and a few other things, she got out her copy book and copied off the labels. Then started copying words out of various books. I think she must have copied out thirty or forty words before bedtime. I almost couldn’t get her to put away her copy book to go to bed.

She’s been plugging away at reading and writing for a while now, on and off depending on how my attention waxes and wanes, but much more steadily than Bella, who gets bored reading simple three-word sentences. She’s been copying out letters mostly, a word here or there. But it’s been Bella who’s been interested in going round the house looking for things to write. Sophie has been content to just focus on letter formation.

It’s funny how kids make these jumps. I’ve seen it before when they were babies and toddlers. How within the space of a few days they will suddenly acquire dozens of new words, complex sentence structure. It’s really awesome to just sit back and watch it happen.

Also, while I’m writing about copywork, maybe it’s not a complete coincidence that I was all fired up by Sally Thomas’s excellent piece on the subject earlier this week: The Joy of Copywork

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