Mount Fuji in New Hampshire?

Mount Fuji in New Hampshire?


We’re off on a family vacation, but I thought I’d go ahead and post some photos now, knowing that once we get home I’ll be less likely to get to it.

Yesterday we drove up to Maine, where Dom’s mother and sister live, but instead of taking the direct route, we decided to take a scenic drive through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It had come up in conversation that Bella never seen mountains. So we decided we really needed to remedy that.


“Thank you, thank you for bringing us to the mountains!”



Anthony kept saying, “Mount Fuji! Mount Fuji!” All those Hokusai prints we’ve been looking at have convinced him that all mountains are Mount Fuji.





Bella took picture after picture after picture.





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  • +JMJ+

    Belated Happy Birthday, Melanie! I’m sorry to hear that the Macaroni Grill’s service was so horrible, but on the whole, your birthday weekend sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing the photos and the stories. =)

    My favourite bit was about Lady Lucia and solid food. What a curious, alert girl to keep “studying” the lemon after the first suck wasn’t what she might have expected!

    About the blisters in your mouth . . . By any chance, do you mean canker sores? I get those once in a while and they’re not fun. =( Although no one seems sure about what causes them, I’ve noticed a curious correlation between my consumption of vending machine Nescafe or Milo and the appearance of new sores. Any kind of acidic food does seem to irritate them and make them last longer—so no tomato-based sauces and sometimes even chocolate for me when I have one.

  • We just got back from camping too!  And that’s our tent too!  How funny.  We’ve had it several years and it’s held up very nicely!  It looks like you had such fun.  Yay camping!

  • I used to suffer from canker sores on a regular basis, and found these things helped:

    Avoiding citrus during an outbreak

    Adding Pantothenic Acid supplements to my diet.  My oldest used to get canker sores when he was a toddler (we were following a vegan diet back then, and possibly nutrition was involved) and Pantothenic Acid always cured his sores.

    Using toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfates.

  • I don’t think it’s canker sores. The whole inside of my left cheek and the roof of my mouth was swollen and red, and down along the gums and under my tongue on the back left of my mouth. Not distinct sores, but generalized irritation. The roof of my mouth actually blistered. It happened last summer and this and always after I’d been eating tomatoes but no sores before the tomatoes.

  • Hey, Jennifer, where do you go camping? My family used to go to Rocky Mountain National Park and to another place near Colorado Springs and then a few times to Wyoming and Montana.