“When I’m a Momma….”

“When I’m a Momma….”

This exchange happened at dinner the other night. (Dom was in the other room changing a diaper.)

Sophie: “When I’m a momma I get to do whatever I want.”

Me: maniacal laughter.

Sophie: “My kids will do whatever I say.”

Me: almost forget to breathe I’m laughing so hard.

Sophie, bewildered: “What?”

At least Bella seemed to get why I was laughing.

A few minutes later I hear Bella in the other room, telling Sophie all the things she’ll have to do as a mother: “You have to wash the clothes. You have to feed the children…. And you have to put the kids in the bath… buckle seat belts… go to the grocery store and buy lots of food… listen to fussy children. You have to do a lot of work. You have to pour milk for your kids…. You have to clean up messes…. Every night!”

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