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A brief list of things I want to remember

Dom singing, “Crazy crazy pelican… wants to eat your belly again.” to Bella in the bath. And then Bella holds the little plastic pelican up to her belly button, saying “Drink milk.” Curiously Christological. The turtle sits on the edge of the tub: “Ready, set, go,” Dom says. He”jumps” in, splash. Later, Bella holds the […]

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Books Read

First Mama T and then Amy Welborn recommended Jon Hassler, so seemed worthwhile to add him to my list. I picked up a copy of North of Hope since it was the novel Amy edited for Loyola Classics. From the first chapter I really cared about the characters. Frank, the protagonist is the lonely smart […]

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Sophia at One Month

Sophia had her one-month checkup today. She’s gained another pound and is now 8 pounds 14 oz. She’s also now 20.5 inches long, an inch and a half more than when she was born. The pediatrician commented on how strong she is, warning me that some babies roll over as early as 2 months and […]

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Cooking with Mama

This afternoon Bella wanted me to pick her up so she could wash her hands at the kitchen sink. Unfortunately, I’m still not feeling up to picking her up, so I had to refuse. She whined and whined and whined. I’ve been getting more creative when faced with this sort of impasse, though. I dragged […]

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First Heralds, a Belated Announcement

I’ve been remiss in writing about a fabulous new group blog founded by the UK Bookworm, who has honored me by asking me to contribute. First Heralds is a blog dedicated to helping teach toddlers and preschoolers the Catholic faith. It has a great list of contributors and I’m thrilled to be involved and am […]

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Totus Tuus

Looking a picture of Pope John Paul II at Danielle Bean’s blog just now, I asked Bella (who absolutely loves carrying around holy cards of the pope with whom she shares a birthday), “Who is that?” When she didn’t respond, I supplied her with the answer, “Pope John Paul.” “Full of grace,” she said, reaching […]

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