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Reading Material

Tonight Dom and I were still sitting at the dinner table after Bella had decided she was done. She went and grabbed her two new books and then announced that she was going to the bathroom and proceeded in that direction. We both just laughed. Where on earth could she have picked that up?

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Leap of Faith

I love conversion stories, they are the best kind of romance. When I find a good one online (and aren’t they all good?) I devour the whole thing. Even if it’s pages and pages long. Leap of Faith by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley is a great conversion story. There aren’t many novels that explore the faith […]

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First Forsythia

I was delighted to discover this week that the bushes along the patio are forsythia, one of my favorite spring blooms, so bright and cheerfully yellow. This morning Bella ran out to enjoy the flowers. Note the short-sleeved shirt. Spring is here!

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First Walk

Thursday morning I took both girls out in the stroller for the first time. The double stroller was a gift from my parents. It was a lovely day. Bella didn’t really need the coat; but she insisted. Sophia and I rest on a bench while Bella plays with sticks. We walked to the Catholic cemetery […]

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Flying Solo

Well, my dad left yesterday morning. So yesterday was my first day home alone with both girls. I was so nervous about how I would handle everything by myself. My dad’s been sleeping in Bella’s room and getting her up in the mornings and feeding her breakfast so I could sleep an extra hour or […]

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I’ve been enjoying Elizabeth Foss’ recent series of posts on homemaking, especially this one. It’s a subject that has been on my mind quite a bit recently and these posts have really helped me to frame some of my thoughts. I’ve been very blessed in having first my mom and then my dad come to […]

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Obedience and Humility

Well put. I really liked this post on obedience at Starry Sky Ranch. It’s a topic I’ve been pondering quite a bit recently and lucky me some great writing is being done on the subject as other moms wrangle with the same issue. We need a balance between liberty and obedience or we risk becoming […]

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