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“A split in UD’s soul”

I just finished reading a very good Dallas Morning News article on the University of Dallas by Rod Dreher. I’m reluctant to post this link, however. Not because what Rod said isn’t true, but because it is all too true. I love the University of Dallas, truly I feel that she is my alma mater, […]

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On Saturday Dom finally convinced me to sign up on Facebook. I’ve already got 28 friends. Lots of people from college I’ve lost touch with are in there. Even some high school acquaintances. Who knew? I can already see why it’s so addictive.  

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Eliot on education and the arts

I seem to be bent on hijacking blogging material from The Philosopher mom today. This quotation from my beloved T.S. Eliot is just too juicy to pass up: “You cannot expect continuity and coherence in literature and the arts, unless you have a certain uniformity of culture, expressed in education by a settled, though not […]

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Why Read Fiction

I was an English major. I love literature in all it’s forms. I’m a huge fan of fiction and don’t need to be convinced. But it’s nice to see a well-articulated argument and The Philosopher mom says it beautifully, eloquently. I especially love her emphasis on why we should read modern fiction: The most important […]

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The pretty purple invitation’s been sitting on my desk, next to the computer, for weeks. Bella has picked it up a half dozen times and I’ve rescued it from various fates. It’s been buried, moved back to the top of the stack, used as a bookmark, placed on the computer “so I won’t forget to […]

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Whale Watch

The other night we were visiting with Dom’s sister, Evy, and she pulled out some photos her husband took of her about eight years ago on a whale watch. The interesting thing is that I’m in the background of those pictures, leaning against the railing, eight years younger, much skinnier applying chapstick and completely unaware […]

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Stained glass

I loved this image from Pope Benedict’s homily at St Patrick’s Cathedral in NY: I would like to draw your attention to a few aspects of this beautiful structure which I think can serve as a starting point for a reflection on our particular vocations within the unity of the Mystical Body. The first has […]

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A Definition of Art

Today Jen ponders about art, wondering if she gets it. I think she does.: Art is the secret handshake of the children of God, the inside joke among those with souls. The spark that is ignited within us when we are touched by a work of art is a spark of recognition: the artist has […]

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