Holy Cards

Recently I’ve been saying my morning prayers after breakfast. I sit in my recliner and read the psalms out loud and Bella plays in the living room. It’s a much slower process than praying alone, full of interruptions and distractions. But it works sometimes.

Her favorite game during prayer time is playing with all the holy cards which i have stuffed into the current volume of the Liturgy of the Hours. She makes me pull them out one at a time and grabs the ones that catch her eye. She gathers up a bouquet of them and carries them all over the house so that later I have to hunt them down.

Many of them are laminated and so she can’t do much damage, but some of them are simple paper and so get bent. When that happens, I gently admonish her. (And make a mental note to get to the Catholic gift shop soon to buy a bunch of the laminated ones.)

Just now I looked up to see that she’d bent a card with Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta kissing a small child: “Bella, don’t bend the cards please.”

She looked up and held it out to me. Then said, “Hi, Jesus!” and kissed the card. Who could be upset with that response?

She’s got the essentials down at least. Mother Teresa’s love is Jesus’ love. The saints and angels lead us to Christ. And so I don’t correct her when she kisses them and calls them Jesus.

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