Master Index of Liturgy of the Hours Posts

Master Index of Liturgy of the Hours Posts

Leaf from Book of Hours circa 1520 via Wikimedia Commons
Leaf from Book of Hours circa 1520
via Wikimedia Commons

Just for easy reference, I thought I’d gather together a list of all the blog posts I’ve written about praying the Liturgy of the Hours. (Hereafter abbreviated as LOTH) For my own use when I want to find them. Also for anyone else who is interested in finding out more about the liturgy of the hours; seeing how I pray the hours in my home; finding tips on how to pray Liturgy of the Hours when you are a mother with infants and toddlers.

I’ve arranged the links chronologically. And included the date each was posted in parenthesis at the end, mainly for my own reference but also because it might be interesting to see the time frame and follow the development of my current approach.

The * indicates the posts I think are probably most useful.

*Motherhood and the Monastic Life
My thoughts on an essay I’d read called The Domestic Monastery. My first realization I could link prayer times with nursing times. (7/26/06)

Bedtime Prayers.
More about praying with toddlers than LOTH, though there is a brief mention of how I’m incorporating LOTH into my days. (7/8/07)

A Still, Small Voice
Sometimes in the midst of the busiest seasons of motherhood of motherhood, pregnant and caring for a small toddler, God grants the gift of quiet prayer time through the seeming curse of insomnia. (8/14/07)

Holy Cards
Praying the Liturgy of the Hours with a toddler, using holy cards as a tool for distraction/redirection. (9/13/07)

* The Liturgy of the Hours in the Home, Christ in Our Hearts
A Christmastime reflection, mainly providing links to other bloggers writing about incorporating the Liturgy of the Hours into their days; but also some thoughts on perseverance in prayer, dealing with interruptions, pregnancy and postpartum periods and quotes from Pope Benedict on uniting one’s voice with the celestial choirs. (12/29/07)

Isabella and the Liturgy of the Hours
A brief explanation of how I encourage 2 year-old Bella to pray with me. (6/26/08)

Review : Liturgy of the Hours Website and Podcast
My review of the Divine Office podcast. (3/30/09)

Praying the Psalms
Thoughts on persistence in praying the LOTH in hard times. Stories about picking it back up after I’ve drifted away. How I modify my expectations during pregnancy and when I have a new baby. (7/2/09)

I Love You, Lord, You Are My Strength: Benedict’s Birth (Part 2)
A blog post about how the LOTH helped me to get through the birth of my son (via c-section). Not for the faint of heart; but a glimpse into the way in which praying the LOTH has helped me through times of difficulty. (7/21/09)

*Praying the Psalms: or the Liturgy of the Hours for Dummies
This is my master post with tons of links I wrote to be a sort of introduction to LOTH: what it is and how do you get started. Suggestions for books and websites and all sorts of other resources. (7/25/09)

Brief review of the iBreviary application for iPod and iPhone
This is already a little dated as they have since released a new version. (9/23/09)

* Bella’s Compline
My reflections on praying night prayer, otherwise known as compline, with my 3 year-old daughter. I include the full text of our modified version of compline. (2/25/10)

* Prayer Interrupted: The Liturgy of the Hours for Mothers of Little Ones
Originally written as a comment on a blog post at bearing blog as an encouragement to a mother who is discouraged about her ability to find time to pray LOTH when there are so many interruptions and distractions and she is so tired when she does get a bit of quiet. I tried to include all the helpful tips I could. (8/2/10)

* Questions about Praying the Liturgy of the Hours
Responses to several questions from a friend who is beginning to pray the hours. (1/30/11)

* Resources for the Liturgy of the Hours
A list of links from various sites around the web. (3/8/11)

Divine Office, Done Badly (12/20/11)
In which I quote Daria Sockey who suggests anything worth doing is worth doing badly. Some good pointers for those who feel like a failure, for mothers especially, who have a lot to contend with.

Chanting the Psalms (1/15/12)

The Everyday Catholic’s Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours (4/28/13)
A review of an excellent book.

“Not a Need of Yours Has Been Forgotten”: Catechesis and Calligraphy (2/9/14)
In which I describe how listening to the divine office podcast integrates into our homeschool day and leads to spontaneous catechetical moments.

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