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Bodily Fluids = Love?

From Scott Peterson a gross, hilarious, moving post about parenting: And it occurred to me as I was changing a diaper last night that that�s what love is. It�s fluids. It generally starts with swapping spit, as the younguns used to say. From there it progresses until�well, you know. Modesty and the prospect of an […]

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Brede Slow-Reading Update

I’m making good progress in In This House of Brede. I’m loving it as much as commenters said I would. And, yes, it is very hard to stick with a chapter a day. Especially when I’m greedy and gobble up my chapter before lunch time as I did this morning. I’m a bookworm and can’t […]

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From Dale Price, a father’s reflection on the hope that those of us who have experienced the pain of miscarriage have for our unborn children. Excerpt: I have no particular objection to Limbo. But I don’t see a problem with the theologians’ work, which simply says that parents of unbaptized children have hope. Not a […]

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Thinking Happy Thoughts

Is there any smell more intoxicating than that of baking bread? I just woke up from a mid-morning nap (one of the joys of having an older baby who finally actually naps!) to a house filled with the smell of fresh baked bread. The sun was streaming through the windows in the living room, the […]

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

Last week when mom and Bella and I took a walk to the park on the way home we spotted a trio of boys squatting on the sidewalk chasing bugs and putting them into a jar. Enchanted at the picture of boys playing with bugs, I stopped and asked them what kinds of insects they […]

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Prayers for Heather

Please pray for homeschooling mother, Heather, who is going in for surgery tomorrow to remove a brain tumor. She writes on her blog: My prayer for every single person reading this is that you find the peace that floods over me. That you realize that there is a God who loves you so very much, […]

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A Vocation or a Cross?

At Danielle’s blog a conversation about vocations and the single life . Danielle highlights one commenter who says that single life is not a vocation, it is a cross that people must bear: A thwarted vocation – whether to religious life or to marriage – is a painful cross, no matter why a person has […]

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