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One Year Checkup

Today we took Isabella to the pediatrician’s for her 1-year checkup. All went well. She’s now 21.1 pounds and 30.5 inches, still tall and skinny. (About 87th percentile for height, 50th for weight.) She started screaming when the doctor was listening to her chest. I think she remembered what happens next: the shots. Though those […]

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Problem solved!

Now her hair isn’t in her eyes anymore thanks to a cute blue butterfly barrette. She’s pulling all the wipes out of the diaper bag and spreading them all over the living room….but who can stay angry at a face like that?

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All Quiet on the Blogging Front

I’ve been pretty quiet here recently in part because life has become so busy. We’ve begun serious cleaning and tossing in preparation for moving and so much of the free time that I usually devote to reading blogs and to writing here has been instead dedicated to sorting and fretting about the amount of junk […]

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An Unexpected Visitor

Tonight I got a strange call from my best friend from college, Stephanie, who currently lives in Seattle. She was supposed to be flying to Iceland, but got delayed in Minneapolis and so would be missing her connecting flight in Boston. Unexpectedly stranded in Boston for the night, she called to make plans to meet […]

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Prayer Request

Please pray for my sister-in-law, Carol, and her sister Roberta as they fly to Ireland to be with their mother who is seriously ill. This will probably be the last time they see her. And please pray for their mother that she be comforted in her illness and find peace with God in her final […]

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Biting Update

I had a flash of inspiration and prayed to Our Lady of La Leche tonight before nursing and Bella didn’t bite me. I just hope she sleeps well. She totally missed her afternoon nap, poor thing. A little disrupted with all our house hunting. Though, being Bella, she totally loved going new places and meeting […]

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Yummy Pho

After looking at an apartment on the other side of town this morning, we decided to stop by one of our favorite restaurants, a pho place that we don’t go to very often because it’s a little too far to drive. I had a huge bowl of beef noodle soup and a coconut shake (they […]

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No Biting!

Unfortunately in the past few weeks since she’s got in her first four teeth, Bella has also developed a bad habit: biting me while nursing. In the past couple of days as she’s been getting in another tooth, it’s been especially bad. Sometimes the nipping seems accidental. She’ll start drifting off to sleep and her […]

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Book Review: Ysabel

I absolutely love the works of Guy Gavriel Kay. Quite possibly the best fantasy writer after Tolkien. (Which is probably no mere coincidence as Kay helped Christopher Tolkien edit the Silmarillion.) My favorite Kay novel is probably Tigana; but so far I’ve thoroughly loved all of his books. Which is why I am so very […]

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