Thinking Happy Thoughts

Thinking Happy Thoughts

Is there any smell more intoxicating than that of baking bread?

I just woke up from a mid-morning nap (one of the joys of having an older baby who finally actually naps!) to a house filled with the smell of fresh baked bread.

The sun was streaming through the windows in the living room, the curtains blowing gently in the breeze, the world outside is green with the first freshness of spring. Life is very, very good.

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  • Melanie,
      That little video was fabulous…a little ray of sunshine…a breath of fresh air.
    Thanks to the two of you.
    Bella is a cutie pie!

  • Thank you for sharing that, she is such a sweetie! Give her a hug from me, someone she doesn’t even know but one that is glad she is here, enjoying the world.