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Gifts of the Spirit

The gift of understanding shows us the riches of the Faith with greater clarity. The gift of knowledge enables us to judge created things in an upright manner, and to keep our heart fixed on god, and on things insofar as they lead us to him The gift of wisdom enables us to comprehend the […]

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More Parenting the Theology of the Body

The other day, I wrote about Christopher West’s answer to a question about how parents can communicate the Catholic Church’s teaching about human sexuality to children. If I’d been looking for an example, I couldn’t have found a more perfect one than this. Heather Price records how an awkward question turns into a teaching moment.

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Happy Birthday, Isabella!

I can’t believe it’s already been a whole year since that wonderful day when I first beheld you face to face. For nine months I’d loved and cherished you with a longing. I’d lie in bed and try to imagine your face, your fingers, your feet, your voice. I imagined how it would feel to […]

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“Be Not Afraid”

Leticia, blogging at Cause of our joy linked to my entry “A Lesson in Motherhood,” and included her comments, which are worth reading.  She also links to the website of a wonderful online ministry, Be Not Afraid, founded by Catholic mother Monica Rafie, that reaches out to mothers who have received a “poor pre-natal diagnosis” […]

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Bella Updates

Poor Bella woke up early today and in a very bad mood. Later, I discerned that another tooth is pushing its way in, her top right canine. I administered some analgesic drops and a frozen spear of broccoli and all was much better. Bella doesn’t like teething rings filled with cooling gel, but loves shredding […]

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A Lesson in Motherhood

This essay from the New York Times (free registration required) really captured the essence of motherhood. It’s the story of an infertile couple who goes to China to adopt a daughter. After they’ve finally welcomed their little girl, they discover that she is seriously ill, diagnosed with Spina Bifida, and probably will be disabled for […]

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Bella’s Birthday Party

I had a very full and enjoyable Mother’s Day. Spent, fittingly enough, celebrating the anniversary of my daughter’s birth (Isabella will be turning one on Friday.) Yesterday the clan had a combined party for Bella and two of her cousins who will also be celebrating birthdays within the next months.  Of course we had a […]

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Parenting the Theology of the Body

One exchange in the Q&A session at the end of Christopher West’s talk I found particularly noteworthy as it addressed a subject that my regular readers will recognize as near and dear to my heart: pedagogy. Someone asked at what age should one begin to teach children about human sexuality and the theological truths of […]

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Theologizing the Body

This has been a long day; but a very good one. We went to a day-long seminar on the Theology of the Body with speaker Christopher West. We left at 8 this morning and didn’t get home till almost 7 and were a little worried about how Bella would handle being out all day; but […]

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