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On History

“But part of the reasoning needed to convince man of his freedom must include reaffirming sacred history. And that must include remembering and retelling the fundamental choices made by Adam and Eve and Mary and Jesus and all the intermediate choices for or against God in that history. In hearing our faith narrated, it becomes […]

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Food Recognition

Isabella has a first word: “yummy-yummy”. (She says mama and dada but it isn’t always clear that she distinguishes those sounds as words.) But yummy-yummy, also pronounced “yumMay-yumMay” clearly means that she’s hungry. She attaches it especially to a few favorite foods: bananas, cheerios, and frozen peas. Yes, frozen peas, not re-heated but still ice-cold. […]

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“Educational” Toys

Instead of composing my post about toys, I continue to blog about other people’s ideas. Here, from the archives, are two good stories that I meant to post long ago, stuck into in a file, and forgot about. First, via papa familias, comes this story about the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of leap frog and […]

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How full should a day be?

La Paz Farm blog asks: What makes a good day of learning? And provides some beautiful answers. Then there’s Suzanne Temple’s take: Inch by inch And Karen Edimsten’s first thoughts ont he subject of a good day’s learning and second thoughts. And then Melissa Wiley addresses the topic, from the perspective of slowing down, finding […]

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Received in the Mail this Morning

The above picture was taken about five minutes after the DHL guy rang the doorbell. Well, I had to check them out. Make sure they work properly, nothing was broken or missing. Right? I know I’ll probably be enjoying them a bit more than Bella for a little while. But I foresee fun mother-daughter architectural […]

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Recently in Isabella world…

Yesterday being another gorgeous spring day, I took the cranky, teething Bella for our usual morning walk to the park. So much more in bloom now than even on Friday: forsythia in full golden glory, magnolias glorious in white and pink, daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, dandelions even. The windows have been open the past few nights […]

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First Time at the Beach

This morning my sister-in-law called and said she was taking the kids to the beach that is about ten minutes from our house. So we dropped our plans and packed up our beach toys and took off for our first beach trip of the season. Bella’s first time. Bella at the beach. I wasn’t sure […]

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