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Today we had the consult with the doctor and signed the paperwork for the surgery. He explained the details of the procedure and the risks and everything. Dom was there to ask all the questions I never remember to ask and to get all the info firsthand so I don’t garble it in translation. Bella […]

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“How can I love Thee as I ought?”

Alice writes about the hymn her daughter will sing at her first communion. Here is her description of the children’s practice: A jumble of children tumbled into three standing rows�an adorable hodgepodge of tall and small, sharp and scruffy, calm and clamorous—boys and girls with eyes and hair and faces of every description—some from Mass-going […]

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A Tribute to Papa

Today is the anniversary of the death of our dear papa, John Paul II. Two years ago Dom and I, just recently engaged, were at a conference with Scott and Kimberly Hahn. Dom was working for CWNews at that point and thus was frequently dodging back to the lobby to check on the latest news […]

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Thoughts on narration

At The Common Room blog, the headmistress revisits the topic of narration. Lots of helpful pointers here. Interesting that she says they narrate every book they read. She’s also of the opinion that fewer books enjoyed slower and more deeply is better than many books read hurriedly and with less attention. I’ve been guilty many […]

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Prayer Request

Prayers for blogger Jennifer F. who is entering the Church this coming Sunday and for all who will be receiving the sacraments and joining the family. Jen asks especially “for prayers that I am able to stay spiritually focused this week amidst the chaos of moving”.

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