Great Blue Hill

Great Blue Hill Did once waters run here carving dirt and stone into steps eating away soft earth to expose the roots of things— tree’s and granite’s bones— the strength at the heart of the hills? Can you believe the clear blue of the sky springing overhead, Trees uncurling spears into soft newness of leaves […]

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Golden Hour

  Golden Hour Late afternoon? Early evening? whichever, the spring sun slants his fierce rays across the scarred table where I gently press pie crust into glass plates, strew cheese, glop ham/spinach/onion, and crack egg after egg after golden yolked egg for quiche. While outside announcing day’s demise the cheerful robin sings his territorial song […]

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Aunt Beast and the Icon of the Nurturing Mother

    “On Uriel there had been the magnificent creatures. On Camazotz the inhabitants had at least resembled people. What were these three strange things approaching? They were the same dull gray color as the flowers. If they hadn’t walked upright they would have seemed like animals. They moved directly toward the three human beings. […]

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Reading Notes March 2019

  Mostly I’m continuing to read Brothers Karamazov and Can You Forgive Her. The Brothers Karamazov I first read in Lent of 2011. Anthony had just been born and I finished the whole book that Lent, as I recall. And that’s about all I recall (and I needed help from my blog post at the […]

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Oppositions– the Mug and the Dimple

Oppositions— the Mug and the Dimple for Baby Francis What is the opposite of day? Night Of light? Dark Of love? Hate What is the opposite of vacuum cleaner? Leafblower What is the opposite of moss on a sidewalk? What is the opposite of a belly laugh? What is the opposite of now? What is […]

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Dinner: a Litany

This one started as a writing prompt of the ‘describe an everyday process of making something’ sort. But then my mind got stuck on an idea I’d had right as I was starting to make dinner and it became…. something else. But with remnants of the process descriptions sticking to its ribs. Dinner: a Litany […]

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Aphorisms Are for the Birds

  Don’t count your chickens… the saying goes But I’m not counting, I’m imagining flocks of bids soaring, wheeling, roosting in the tops of the tallest pine trees. Who said anything about chickens, anyway? I’m dreaming murders of crows, murmurations of starlings, twitterings of sparrows, cooings of mourning doves, screechings of jays. I’m so enthused […]

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