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First Sunday of Lent

Three things that caught my eye in today’s Morning Prayer. 1. “The Lord delights in his people” (antiphon, Morning Prayer, Sunday Week 1 of Lent) God is not angry, he is not sad, he is not fed up with us, or tolerating us. The Lord delights. The word delight makes me think of the way […]

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Gaudy Night

Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers 
My friend Nicole, who had never read any Sayers and to whom I had recommended Gaudy Night, noticed that the Kindle version was on sale for just $1.99. So I snapped it up and then having it right there and having a friend who started sharing quotes on Facebook was […]

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Poetry and Waiting Rooms

The clouds look like they could be snow clouds. But this early in November, probably they won’t shake down any soft feathers upon us. (Though far-away friends on Facebook are proudly sharing photos of white-dusted lawns and even a miniature snowman.) Beneath the clouds’ shadowy canopy the crabapples on the nearly leafless tree are a […]

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