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Sunday Night Brain Dump

Ok Sunday night brain dump: what we did this weekend. On Saturday Bella got up early and went to a BSA workshop: “Merit Badge University” where counselors work with scouts to help them complete requirements for merit badges they are working on. She’s working on three badges: cooking, art, and nature. She was there for […]

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As the Snow Flies

So Wednesday was Sophie’s birthday– she’s 12 now. I’ve got three kids in double digits and I look at my big girls and… they’re really big. Bella is maybe a bit taller than Dom and Sophie is sneaking up on them both. For her birthday cake we decided on cheesecake. I made what was supposed […]

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Patterns within Patterns

A day of appointments: yearly physical for me in the morning, doctor for Ben in the afternoon. It was a warm day and the kids were running around outside with no jackets. The crocuses and grape hyacinths are sending up little green shoots in the garden. I listened to Deep Wizardry in the car while […]

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Quick Thoughts on a Monday Night

I don’t really have much to say tonight, nor time to say it. Today was a rather busy Monday. It started off well. Ben, Anthony, and Lucy all got started on school work early, finished quickly, and with minimal grumbling or complaining. I’ve managed to delegate supervising Lucy’s math and copywork to Sophie, who gets […]

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Polar Challenge and Meat Pies

BSA Polar Challenge On Saturday Bella and Sophie participated in the BSA polar challenge. They had to be up at 5am so they could ride to the event with the other girls in their troop. Their scout troop is really small, only four girls– that’s including Bella and Sophie. Too small to compete as a […]

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Friday Night

Tonight I don’t feel very write-y. It’s been a day, a week. First, there was taking a child for a physical in the morning– I hate doctor appointment days, they throw me off schedule. Then there was a child who was having trouble settling at bedtime. I didn’t get the final tuck-in done until after […]

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Scrabbling of the Wind?

I’m having a hard time focusing tonight. There’s a heavy wind and it keeps making uncanny sounds. It sounds like something is scrabbling at the house, trying to get in. It’s not steady enough for me to ignore it. Rather it’s just infrequent enough to startle me every time it happens. Keeping me on edge. […]

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Ashes on a Wednesday

God of mercy! God of grace! Hear our sad, repentant songs. O restore Thy suppliant race, Thou to whom our praise belongs! 2 Deep regret for follies past, Talents wasted, time misspent; Hearts debased by worldly cares, Thankless for the blessings lent: 3 Foolish fears and fond desires, Vain regrets for things as vain: Lips […]

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