Hiking in the Town Forest

Hiking in the Town Forest

April 23

Took advantage of a nice day to hike in the town forest. The entrance to the forest is about a mile and a half from our house, but we never used to go because I didn’t know where to park. Then we went on a hike there with the cub scouts– the entrance is off a side street and people just park in front of the houses along the street. Now that we know how to get there easily, we’ve been trying to go more often.

This time we were able to hike further than we went on our winter hike, where we were turned back because we ran into a boggy area. We explored the wide-open area along the power line corridor where there was a small pond and a big rocky hill. We resolved to go back soon to have a picnic lunch there.

We did have one mishap. Poor Lucy fell and skinned her knee just minutes into the hike. Somehow the first aid kit had been taken out of my backpack and Bella and Sophie had to go back to the car to get the bandaids from the car’s kit. Then Sophie and Ben took turns carrying Lucy for a bit until the knee felt good enough for her to walk again.

Still not a lot of green in the woods, but we did see a lot of buds waiting to open. Bella spotted a red tail hawk and what she thinks was a vulture.

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