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That virginal quality which, for want of a better word, I call emptiness is the beginning of this contemplation. It is not a formless emptiness, a void without meaning; on the contrary it has a shape, a form given to it by the purpose for which it is intended. It is emptiness like the hollow […]

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Lonely in Paradise

I’m reading First Comes Love by Scott Hahn and was stopped in my tracks by this passage on pages 5-8 that suggests the radical idea that something was less than perfect in Paradise. It’s not that this is a totally new idea for me, that Adam was lonely, but the way Hahn frames the story […]

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Learning Notes Dec 8-12

I’ve still got the last two weeks of learning notes that I’ve written but not posted. Life has been…complicated. Or something. And now I’m sick, most of the kids are sick too, but I’m posting this week’s notes tonight at least because tomorrow is St Lucy’s day and I have baking to do– our traditional […]

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On Things

This is my third post about Bed and Board: Plain Talk about Marriage by Robert Farrar Capon. In a way it’s also a sort of response to some of the posts that have been flying about a certain corner of the blogosphere about domestic arts and homemaking and button sewing. If you don’t know what […]

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