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The End of the Fiery Sword: Adam & Eve and Jesus & Mary

The End of the Fiery Sword: Adam & Eve and Jesus & Mary by Maura Roan McKeegan, illustrated by Theodore Schluenderfritz. Do you know about Adam and Eve? About Jesus and Mary, too? Two are from the Old Testament, Two are from the New. Their stories are the Word of God, Their messages are true; […]

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On the day before Christmas Eve Dom came down with some stomach bug, or maybe food poisoning. That night after we tucked them in, while I was settling Lucy down to sleep, I overheard Bella and Sophie praying the rosary for the intention of “Daddy feeling better for Christmas.” Their little voices alternated between speaking […]

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Book Review: The Book of Angels by Marigold Hunt

The kids and I have thoroughly enjoyed every Marigold Hunt book we’ve read so far so we were all very much looking forward to this book and it did not disappoint. Hunt is so very good at breaking open the Bible for kids, making it approachable, explaining the context and translating difficult concepts into language […]

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“The lights jig in the river”

Listen and read. Dublin by Louis MacNeice Grey brick upon brick, Declamatory bronze On somber pedestals – O’Connell, Grattan, Moore – And the brewery tugs and the swans On the balustraded stream And the bare bones of a fanlight Over a hungry door And the air soft on the cheek And porter running from the […]

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