Daily Life with Mud and Crocuses and Swords

Daily Life with Mud and Crocuses and Swords

lucia with sword
Another daily life post. I guess I’m on a roll. Maybe it’s just that I’m feeling kind of glum about how chaotic things are and writing down what we accomplish makes me feel less out of control. Plus I got a lot of great pictures today that I really want to share.

I got off to a slow start this morning after a rough night with Lucia. But having the girls’ copywork prepared last nigh meant that they could actually start at breakfast time. It took a bit of prompting and several reminders to help them disengage from the game they were playing. But both did sit down to do the work while I nursed Lucy. Sophie also brought me her Bob book to read and after doing her copywork Bella decided she wanted to write and illustrate a page in the story she’s writing about the Fairy of the Animals. So I helped her spell a bunch of words and she came up with two solid sentences.

Then we did math lessons, Saxon for Sophie and Life of Fred for Bella. And after that I released them to run around outside. The sun was out and they would not be contained.

I remembered that I wanted to sacrifice some of my crocuses for a botany lesson that was inspired by Anna Botsford Comstock’s Handbook of Nature Study. They were much harder to dig up than I’d expected. Those corms were buried deep, which is totally counter to Miss Comstock’s wisdom that they need to be reburied every couple of years.

While I was digging them up, Lucia escaped and made a beeline into the street. Fortunately we live on a very quiet circle and the big kids spied her at once and yelled for me to come get her. Oy! She kept making a break for it and I finally had to put her back into the house and shut the door, turning a deaf ear to her wails. Poor baby.

Sophie, Bella, and I pulled apart three crocuses and had some good discussions about them. Bella loves botany and Sophie is naturally curious. Then I sketched one of them in my notebook. Neither of the girls were interested in copying me. They ran out to the back to play. Enough indoors time! Back to the mud!

botany lesson crocuses

Lucia got into the action and ran out with them and discovered some mud somehow. She had it all up her arms, on her feet and hands, and plastered in her hair, a nice thick swathe of it. I think everyone got at least a bit muddy. The backyard was really swampy after a very snowy winter and lots and lots of rain this past week, but that didn’t stop any of them.

Lucy made a beeline to the stairs up to the playhouse. And conquered them on her first try. Oh me oh my! I am so not ready for that. Once at the top she dashed back and forth, sticking her head out between the slats and laughing the maniacal pirate laugh that Dom taught her: AHH-ha-ha-ha-ha. It was so very adorable and so very terrifying at the same time. She’s so tiny! And reckless of danger. I was trying to get lunch made and put Anthony’s shoes on but kept having to go out and rescue her. The big kids– Bella, Ben, and Sophie– tried to help, but they really wanted to play not babysit their little sister. Anthony just resorted to his standard yelling at her.

climbing lucia

She is so stinkin' proud of herself.
She is so stinkin’ proud of herself.

lucia and bella in the playhouse

laughing lucia

muddy lucia

Lucia laughs her pirate laugh. Ah-hah-hah-hah-hah-ha!
Lucia laughs her pirate laugh. Ah-hah-hah-hah-hah-ha!

I think everyone took their lunches outside. Poor Lucy didn’t want any lunch at all. I think she may be teething. She’s been picking at her food but acting hungry. And those gums where the upper canines will be look a bit swollen.

I finally put a chair on the bottom of the ladder to keep her from getting up to the playhouse and she threw a royal toddler tantrum– she’s getting quite good at those. Wandering about the yard sobbing dramatically. Throwing herself to her knees beside the table and occasionally making sure I was paying attention. I was. I was snapping pictures of her. Mean mommy!

Why did you put the chair there? Mean, mean, mean, mean person whose name I will not say.
Why did you put the chair there? Mean, mean, mean, mean person whose name I will not say.

Eventually I brought her in and cleaned her hands and feet off and let her wander about the house while I ate my own lunch of pb&j on sourdough and a hodgepodge of leftover vegetable odds and ends. Then I nursed her down for a nap, reading a chapter of my book about St Andre Bessette and checking my email and Facebook conversations.

Then I had story time with the big kids. Anthony wanted to read a book about apples: How Do Apples Grow? It seemed very apropos to our morning’s botany lesson. I wondered if he was inspired to seek it out because we’d been looking at the flower or if it was just a happy accident. I read the chapter about the passion in A Life of Our Lord for Children and the chapter about St Augustine of Canterbury in Our Island Saints. I also read Heckedy Peg and Mouse Paint for Ben and Sophie. I was dozing during the final book so everyone drifted away back outside. And somehow it was then time to make dinner: pasta with red sauce and sausages; green beans and canned peaches.

dinner guests

I’m not even sure any longer when exactly I snapped this picture. At some point Sophie, Ben, and Anthony set the table and had a party. Maybe when they got too muddy and cold?

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  • I remember the I-Want-To-Die stage! How old is Lucia now? Sixteen months? That’s about the age my girls started climbing all the stuff at the playground and I almost had a nervous breakdown.

    I’m really enjoying your ‘Day in the Life’ posts. It helps to write down actual accomplishments at the end of a day that felt useless, doesn’t it? Because if you collect the data generally you generally find that you did actually got quite a lot done, and that’s really heartening.

  • +JMJ+

    My younger sister was born right before I turned seven and when she was a toddler, it was a huge cramp on my style to have to watch her while she tried to play with me. LOL! I still remember one day when we went our separate ways in someone’s garden and she fell and scraped her knee. Of course it was my fault! =P

    But Lucia is really adorable when she’s having a lot of fun (or even when she’s throwing a tantrum–LOL!) and I’m sure her older siblings do more to help than I ever did. =)

  • For the length of my homeschooling career (20 years and counting! Gracious) it has always been essential for my own mental well being to journal what we did each day. Even if it’s just a list of books read, activities, play, games, hard things …. This shows me what all we accomplished week by week and month by month but also the kids’ growth and change over time. Which I so appreciate being able to look back on … So yes! Keep journalling! ๐Ÿ™‚