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Order of Adjectives

I was searching for something or other the other day and I stumbled across this article on Quora, an answer to a question about what is the most difficult grammar rule applying to commonly used words in the English language. And the top answer was about a grammar rule I’d never heard of. Me, the […]

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A Day in the Life

It’s been a rather dispiriting week with everyone, all five kids, being sick. Not terrible illness, but coughs and runny noses and whiny, unhappy children. Yesterday was a true sick day. I stayed in bed as much as possible, nursing the sick baby who didn’t want to be put down. We didn’t do any school […]

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Dead Poets and Pedagogy

A friend on Facebook shared a link to this hypercritical take on Dead Poet’s Society by Kevin Dettmar, an English professor at Pomona College: I’ve never hated a film quite the way I hate Dead Poets Society. I expect that them’s fighting words, at least in some quarters; at least I hope they are. Because […]

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