Santa Lucia (now with photos)

Santa Lucia (now with photos)


Hooray! This year we’re going all out to celebrate our little baby girl’s feast day. Well, not really. But we made Lucia bread for the third year in a row. (Some dissenting voices wanted to make the Lucia buns in the Lucia, Saint of Light book, but I didn’t think I had saffron. And others think that two years makes a tradition and we shouldn’t shun our beloved Lucia bread. Though the recipe could easily be repurposed as a Christmas cake or King cake. (Here are picture’s of last year’s Lucia bread.)


Also, don’t miss this special treat from dear Melissa Wiley. She recorded a video of her reading her book, Hanna’s Christmas, a sweet story about a little Swedish girl who is homesick for Sweden on Santa Lucia Day.


Our own Lucia won’t be able to enjoy her treat because she still seems to have wheat and dairy sensitivities. Poor baby. She seemed to know she was missing out. But she did have lots of fun clapping every time someone mentioned her name today. She seemed to think that “Lucia cat” meant “Lucia, clap.”

I found a coloring page, which Sophie colored and then hung up. I’m not sure what happened to the others.

I made pasta with marinara for dinner. That’s Italian. And everyone (except Lucia) likes pasta. Lucia enjoyed sweet potato, broccoli, and her favorite cucumber slices.

The tongue out seems to be Ben’s new standard photo face. Lovely.

And Anthony does scrunchy face.

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