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I woke up at 5 am to the frantic screaming of a little girl. I got up and changed her diaper and tried to put her back to bed. When it became apparent that she was having none of it, I relented and brought her in to snuggle in with us. She nursed and we […]

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Thank You

To all who are praying for us. You are in our prayers as well. To all who have left comments here and on my husbands blog. To Elizabeth Foss. To the ladies at the 4 Real Learning forums. To Amy Welborn and Dale Price and all the other bloggers who have also asked for prayers […]

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A Prayer

I found this prayer posted at et tu Jen. Dear Lord, I do not ask to see the path. In darkness, in anguish and in fear, I will hang on tightly to your hand, and I will close my eyes, so that you know how much trust I place in you, Spouse of my soul. […]

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9 Month Checkup

We took Bella in for her nine month checkup today. It went well and she’s doing well. She’s now 28 inches tall, didn’t gain quite as much weight as I’d expected (she’s only 19 lbs, 8 oz), but the doctor reminded us of her bout with the stomach bug and said that with her height […]

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Lent on God’s Terms

Jennifer has a thought-provoking reflection on Lent and what happens when illness throws a wrench in your plans: I spent a while dwelling on how this illness has completely inhibited my spiritual progress: my big vision of having an extra prayerful experience at Ash Wednesday Mass, to get up early to pray the Rosary, to […]

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Some Thoughts on Motherhood

I’ve been thinking about the Biblical Hannah, mother of Samuel, recently and about the vocation of motherhood. Again and again, Hannah stood in the temple, imploring God for a child. And, finally, her prayer is answered. And then as soon as he’s weaned, she takes her child back to the temple and gives him up […]

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Music Hath Charms…

I like music. I just don’t often think to turn it on. I like sitting in silence. And we don’t have a stereo system. So if I want music I either have to battle with iTunes on my very slow computer, have to switch disks in the portable cd player (which means finding the cds […]

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Bella the Bread Snob

This past week Bella has been having a hard time at meals. She eats a few bites and then starts whining. She throws her food and her cup to the floor, she swats the spoon out of my hand or tries to grab it and flings the food all over the place. Even her favorite […]

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