“The Lost Tools of Learning”

In my homeschooling researches I’ve encountered several references to this great classic essay by Dorothy Sayers, famed mystery writer, creator of Lord Peter Whimsey, one of my favorite fictional heros. (The Well-Trained Mind and Designing You Own Classical Curriculum both refer to it and use its principles as a basic outline for their course of […]

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good article

Peggy Noonan reflecting on the Oscars in the Wall Street Journal. Most Americans aren’t leading media, they’re leading lives. It would be nice to see a new respect in Hollywood for the lives they live. It would be nice to see them start to understand that rediscovering the work of, say, C.S. Lewis, and making […]

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What I’ve been reading

Shadowplay: The Hidden Beliefs and Coded Politics of William Shakespeare I read an article by Asquith last fall and then a reader recommended this book. I love Shakespeare; but have been a bit sceptical about the claims that he was a closet Catholic hiding subversive elements in his plays. It felt too much like the […]

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more on homeschooling

Over at Dom’s blog several commenters are responding to my home school post. Why not at my blog? I’m not quite sure. I’ve posted my response to them there, some things I’ve meant to say here are included. I think I’ll copy and paste my response here so as to keep all my thoughts in […]

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A Day in the Life

I guess this would count as part of my pregnancy journal. One of the things I worried about when I decided to take the semester off was “what will I do all day?” So I got up around 8, washed my face, brushed my teeth, etc. I ate my rice crispies, said my morning office, […]

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On Homeschooling

One of my projects during this gestational semester when I’m not teaching is to read up on homeschooling. I know, I know, it’s a bit early to think about the kid’s academic career when she won’t even be born until May. But I need a project now and after she’s born I won’t necessarily have […]

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Pregnancy meditation

In a way birth is as much a mystery as death. What life is like before birth is as unknowable as life after death, even though it is in the past we don’t remember life in the womb. Maybe this accounts for the popular conception that souls reside in heaven before they come to earth. […]

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