I know what she means

I know what she means

The Anchoress confesses that when she can’t sleep she drools over beautiful saris.

When I was in college, my friend Stephanie had a gorgeous sari, I think a relative had brought it back from India or something. She never wore it, but had it tacked to the ceiling of her dorm room, draping in gorgeous waves of glimmering, sensuous color. I loved to lie in her bed and stare at the lovely folds of fabric. (And then there were all of her postcards of famous jewels…)

I’d never wear a sari, I’d feel much too conspicuous. But I’d love to have one.

And I’m addicted to other fabrics as well. That’s part of what drew me to quilting. I now have several boxes of fabrics that I plan to one day use in sewing projects. But some of them I’ve had for years and have never cut. I’m waiting for the right inspiration. And in the meantime, sometimes I just pull out my boxes and spread out my fabrics and glory in the gorgeous textiles.

(via Feminine Genius)

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  • They never lose their interest in spreading toys.  My eldest is now almost 4, and it’s still one of her favorite things to do.  Picking them up isn’t nearly so much fun.

  • Picking them up isn’t nearly so much fun.

    Yeah. If I recall my girlfriend made a game of putting the toys back at the end of playtime with her son when he was a toddler. I think kids can be taught. But most often parents don’t have the patience. It’s much faster to just pick them up yourself.