Camping In

Camping In

This past weekend we had our first really warm days. It finally feels like spring– absolutely glorious.

Even better, it was the first Saturday in ages when Dom didn’t have any work to do, no board meetings, no conference calls, nothing.

First order of the day was getting our garden beds into shape. Our old beds that we made years ago had the wooden borders rotting away and had also been overrun with oregano and mint that sadly I didn’t know better than to plant in the beds.

So Anthony needed to do a woodworking project for scouts anyway… making a new garden bed was the project of choice. Dom got lumber and bricks and rebar and they set to work.

Additionally the BSA had planned a big camp-in event. Since scouts can’t go on campouts right now with everyone under stay at home orders, it would be camping in the backyard. They had some online programs kids could watch, but we opted out of them. It was too beautiful a day to be inside watching a screen.

But they got out the tents and set them up. Set up our fire bowl and camp chairs and the camp kitchen and hung the hammocks.

Bella spent the afternoon working on her knot tying and lashings while Sophie and Ben and Anthony dug up the sod in the bed and Lucy watched everyone while trying to help. Bella taught Lucy how to make a square knot.

I think at one point most of the kids went for a bike ride.

I was in and out of the house all day. I made cranbery-orange granola, a raspberry-blood orange-mint shrub, and also some almond-flour brownies.

Dom made ribs and we had dinner on the patio. I also harvested some of our hosta shoots and cooked them up with some scallions, a backyard foraging experiment (after reading an article that said that all varieties of hosta are edible and that it’s a delicacy in Japan.) They were pretty good tasted a lot like asparagus.

We ended the day with roasted marshmallows served on brownies and four of the kids spent the night in the tent.

Welcome, May. We are so very very happy to see you!!

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