Quick Thoughts on a Monday Night

Quick Thoughts on a Monday Night

Sisters, reading and giggling.

I don’t really have much to say tonight, nor time to say it. Today was a rather busy Monday. It started off well. Ben, Anthony, and Lucy all got started on school work early, finished quickly, and with minimal grumbling or complaining. I’ve managed to delegate supervising Lucy’s math and copywork to Sophie, who gets up at the crack of dawn and finishes her own math and copywork before anyone else is up. Anthony’s copywork problem has been solved — for now. And Ben is happy with his new online math program– again, for now. For once everything went smoothly.

Which meant I was able to get out the door for grocery shopping by 11:30. It would have been earlier but my shopping helpers, Bella and Sophie, were hungry and stopped to eat leftover pasties. I’d originally hoped I could postpone the shopping to later in the week, but the schedule was piling up. Ben has an appointment on Tuesday, Wednesday is Sophie’s birthday. I didn’t think the groceries would hold out to Thursday.

Then to make matters worse, while we were at the grocery store, my doctor’s office called to remind me my physical is at 8am. I know I put it on the calendar. It was on the calendar a month or two ago, I remember looking it up. And then… somehow it got deleted. So… I have to get up and out of the house early. (I know, for most of you 8:30 isn’t that early, but I’m a nightowl.) And it’s already getting late now. Monday night is when Dom and I have been recording our podcast, Raising the Betts. (I did mention that, right?) And then after that we watched The Rookie.

So just a few minutes to jot down these notes, which are pretty boring, before I get to go take my shower, read a bit, before going to sleep. I’ve got all sorts of ideas for blog posts, but never enough time. And if I even mention them, I know that’s as good as consigning them to the rubbish heap. Every time I announce a plan, it torpedoes my resolve. For some weird reason.

So here’s hoping that tomorrow I’ll have something more to say. Maybe I could talk about how cool it is that I have five kids who are all older than seven and how much they help around the house and how competent they are getting. Mothers of littles, it does get easier, not easy, but easier. It really is amazing to see my kids getting competent so I can trust them to help with the shopping, to empty the dishwasher, sweep or vacuum a floor, put away groceries. Sometimes they even volunteer and do a job before I ask. Yeah, life is busy and it is good. There are never enough hours in the day, but the hours that there are, are mostly good ones.

Bella reading to Lucy from her favorite Bible story book.
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