Learning Notes Week of July 3

Learning Notes Week of July 3

Stripy girls.

Monday July 3

Yes, Tuesday is a holiday, but I didn’t see any reason why we shouldn’t get in a bit of work on Monday.

Bella had her heart set on watching Rogue One Sunday afternoon but they ended up going swimming at Uncle John’s. So I told her that if they all got their work done early enough they could watch it today. When I got up she’d already done her math and copywork. While I helped the boys do their math, she took Lucy for a walk and then sat and read to her.

The boys both did their math and copywork and Anthony read to me about St Anthony of Padua.

Sophie had a hard time getting started. She’s been going through a massive growth spurt and has been eating like a bear in springtime. So I had to wait math until she’d had her second breakfast of two eggs and toast because the first breakfast of bagel and cream cheese didn’t fill her up. And then she freaked out over the conversion of measures. But she copied a whole stanza and we began learning the Hail Mary in French and then she read me two poems.

Bella reviewed her Latin and I counted her reading to Lucy as a daily read aloud.

So then they all watched Rogue One while I made some allergy-friendly bread for Lucy.

Afternoon stories: All of a Kind Family Uptown, Golden Fleece, Herodotus, St Philip Neri, Story of the World.

Bedtime story: Fourth of July chapter in Little Town on the Prairie.

Tuesday July 4

Holiday. Pool party.

Fourth of July cookout. Anthony ate 6 hot dogs.
Sitting with Lucy at the party.
Her cool older cousin taught Lucy some soccer moves.
The kids spent most of the day in the pool.
Her cool older cousin taught Lucy some soccer moves.
Queen Lucy on her throne.
Mom flew in on July 4th and came to join the party.
Bella led a decade of the rosary.
Tired crew ready to go home at the end of a long day.

Wednesday July 5

Recovering from the holiday. Normally I need a bunch of introvert time to recover from a day spent in large groups of people. This was compounded by my having an allergic reaction to something or other unknown and my eyelid swelling up. I took a couple Benadryl to help with the swelling and then spent the morning in a drug-induced haze.

Recovery day reading comics.

Thursday July 6

I guess still in holiday mode. I skipped the morning school work and we took a picnic lunch to the park.

We did get in some afternoon reading. All of Kind Family, Golden Fleece, St Philip Neri.

Picnic on the rock.
Picnic on the rock. Even though there’s not much shade, eating on the rock has become tradition.

Friday July 7

Some actual school work. I kept it light, though. Everyone finished an incomplete math page, did some copywork. Bella did some Khan Academy.

Afternoon stories: All of Kind Family, Golden Fleece, St Philip Neri, Herodotus. Story of the World.

Lucy’s copywork.
Bella finds a shield makes a great lap desk for doing schoolwork in bed.
Serious Ben.
Sophie loves math.
Seaside lunch.
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