Today Sophie poured an entire glass of water into my laptop keyboard. It will be several days before we can even turn it on to see whether it’s been damaged or not. Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out how to publish posts from my iPad, but it’s a bit rocky. I hope to figure out how to continue with my poetry and art, but tomorrow’s post may be delayed. And I may not be able to get to email and other tasks in the next few days. Doing things with the iPad is possible, but takes some getting used to. My usual flow is disturbed and I feel like I’m trying to drive with only one hand.

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  • I’m so sorry!! My day was spent wrestling with my computer (and the problems are still not fixed.) I was trying to write a post for Catholic Culture and had to use my IPad which is harder to do. I need a keyboard for one, the hunt and pecked not the way I type or think. I know your pain!!!

    Hope it recovers soon! I’m dealing with a dying computer and trying to save up for a new laptop and actually switch to Mac. Big transitions…..

    • Elie, I can blog with an app. But my work flow for doing posts is disturbed. Especially the poetry and art posts. I’m still trying to work out how to save a picture from the web onto the iPad so that I can upload it to the blog. And how to insert Amazon affiliate links into a post about our current read alouds. That sort of thing. Even figuring out how to put the picture at the top of this post. It was in Dom’s flickr photostream so I had to add it to my favorites before I could use a Flickr app to save it to my photostream on the iPad and then upload it to WordPrss. If I had to do it all the time, I’d have the process all worked out; but I don’t so I haven’t and so I get frustrated. But I’ll survive.