Winter’s Prison Is Over

Winter’s Prison Is Over

I was changing Lucia’s diaper when I heard Bella exulting about the beautiful weather and getting to wear new spring clothes, “Winter’s prison is over. Spring’s freedom is here.”

“Wow, Bella,” I called, “That was beautiful. Did you read it in a book somewhere? It sounds like poetry.” I was pretty sure she hadn’t read it anywhere but her memory for things in books is much better than mine.

Then she came into the room and recited it again for me and this time added several more lines:

Winter’s prison is over.
Spring’s freedom is here.
Summer’s adventures are coming.
Fall will catch you in fear.
It will take you away to the jail.
But wait for the spring’s freedom.

I was busy typing it into my phone lest it be lost and when I read it again I was stunned again at how good it was.

Later on the way to the grocery store a piece of bubble wrap was blowing down the street. Bella says: “I saw some plastic wrap dancing to the music.” (The music in question was the Pogues playing The Irish Rover.)

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