What Lucia Wore on Sunday

What Lucia Wore on Sunday

What Lucia wore on Sunday.
Pretty in pink.

Lucia’s baby acne got so terrible I took her to the doctor to have it checked out. But I was reassured that it’s just acne. And I started to give her a gentle face wash with warm water twice a day and it seems to be clearing up.

And while we were there she was weighed at 10 pounds 3 ounces. That’s three pounds over her birth weight at six weeks. Not bad.

What Lucia wore on Sunday.

We drove to Mass in a blizzard this morning. I didn’t realize how hard it was snowing till we were on the road. There were only about two dozen people there.

What Lucia wore on Sunday.

As usual Lucia slept through it in the sling. She only woke when I put her back in the cars eat for the ride home.

What Lucia wore on Sunday.

Bella was born in May so all our newborn girl clothes are cute summery dresses. But I put a long sleeve shirt and pants under the dress and a fleece sack over it and she was quite snug. But no one actually saw the dress. Poor February baby.

What Lucia wore on Sunday.
I’ve never had a baby who smiled so early or so often.

You can’t tell but I couldn’t find two socks or two booties. So she has one of each. I think her toes were ok with only one layer, though. It’s just a short walk from the car to the church.

What Lucia wore on Sunday.



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  • Out of curiosity, what symbolism does the maple syrup have? That sounds like good bread. I recently did a bread with a lot of failed granola and some dried apricots in it, and have been using it as a handheld breakfast. Sitting down for breakfast when I’m the only adult present is a way for me to really amp up the self-pity (Poor me! I can’t even have one bite without being interrupted!)and the starvation (I don’t get to eat much).

    The local Costco had dried cherries for several year, and at half the price of the bulk stores. This year they don’t have any and I am sad.

  • This is what it says: “Pure Maple Syrup – Collected in pure form flowing from a tree; symbolic of the cross and of the sweetness of the Blood of Christ which flowed freely from the tree of his cross, the tree of life; shed so that “sins may be forgiven.” A symbol of God’s love by making this sweet nutrient a gift to be discovered.”

    I need to try granola bread I think. That sounds yummy. And I think I need to make more granola too.

    I really wanted to make this today, but Lucia is cluster feeding like mad.

  • I’m on a bread-baking kick lately, and never have made such a bread as this in my life, so it seems a good time to start. Love those dried cherries, and toasted nuts….
    Thanks for the recipe!