Eight is Great: The Wine-Dark Sea Has a Birthday!

Eight is Great: The Wine-Dark Sea Has a Birthday!

Crawfish boil
Ben and Anthony playing with Saturday night’s Crawfish dinner.

Yesterday marks eight years since the first entry I wrote on this blog. Eight years. Wow!

Last year I wrote a retrospective blog post. I don’t feel up to that this year. I feel sadly that I haven’t got much to say of late as a blogger. I can’t remember the last time I wrote something that had any real length and substance. But I know from experience that this blog has high and low tides and that eventually I will find I have a lot to say about something or other.

I find myself on this anniversary attacked with a little bit of the “ubi sunt?” blues, wondering a bit about those commenters who wrote frequently when I first started but who seem to have disappeared from the conversation. Where have they gone? Did their lives just become too crazy? Have they just unplugged or moved on? This blog has gained me many good friends and many more acquaintances. We’ve had some lovely chats, haven’t we? I look forward to many, many more. I do cherish all of you lovely people who continue to hang out here and read and respond. I love all my commenters. (Except you nasty spammers.) Thank you all for visiting and please do come back soon.

As I wrote in my last post, I have frequently found myself resenting Facebook and the way it steals my time and attention from this blog. And yet for many reasons I can’t quite detach. Still, I think this year I’m going to try to spend a bit more time composing blog entries, trying to actually write substantial posts. But since I now have five kids, I’m not going to sweat it too, too much.

As always, a little shout out to Here in the Bonny Glen. I’m still tickled that one of my favorite blogs ever shares a birthday with mine.

Crawfish boil
Anthony likes crawfish!

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  • My goodness, those are some powerful articles you posted and discussed just now….a couple of them are exactly what I needed at the moment, obviously sent from God…
    Thank you.

  • Like Elizabeth Esther, I can feel lonely in my marriage because I’m Catholic, he’s not. In fact, my husband grew up practicing the exact same Protestant strain that EE’s husband was most recently as well. Her post gives me so much hope. I remember a wise older woman in my parish telling me the same thing, “don’t talk, just pray.”

  • Did I miss the link on the first article about beauty? I also loved Leila’s piece about marriage and abortion. So much to think about there.

    I wish more people thought about what “I don’t regret X” really means, especially when they admit that X was a sin…there has to be a way to recognize God’s mercy and grace towards us without being glad that we took a particular path.