TRUE GOD FROM TRUE GOD: Professing the Creed for the Year of Faith

TRUE GOD FROM TRUE GOD: Professing the Creed for the Year of Faith


CREDO: Professing the Creed for the Year of Faith



by Mrs. Darwin

A number of years ago, my husband and I had a conversation with some very nice Mormons who were taking us through the standard points of their presentation. Most of it was fairly unmemorable, but what I do remember of it had to with an discussion over the concept of everyone becoming some kind of minor deity in the Mormon conception of heaven, with Jesus as the literal firstborn of the Father. Doubtless I’m mangling a core aspect of Mormon theology, but I’ll recount the conversation as best I can.

“But does Jesus have the same will as the Father?” my husband asked.

“Yes, of course?”

“But is their will one, or is two different wills agreeing?”

The missionaries conferred for a moment.

“They have two separate wills that agree.”

“Well, agree with what? If they agree, that means there’s some outside will to which they’re conforming. So what higher good are they agreeing with? We’re not even talking about the same god here. I don’t want to bother with any lesser gods—I want to go straight to the top. That’s the God I worship.”

We hear numerous stories from antiquity of gods producing gods—Zeus has children almost too numerous to count, and he in turn was at strife with his father Cronos. God from god, gods at odds with gods, divine parents and children squabbling just as epically and pathetically as mere mortals, their quarrels emphasizing their essential division.

But Jesus, the Son, is not a lesser god than the Father, always in conflict for domination or a lesser entity grudgingly doing the will of the greater. Instead, the Father and Son are so intimately connected, so essentially one, that the distinction between them flows from their relationship: the Father generates the Son; the Son is begotten of the Father. The Son is “born of the Father before all ages”. Their relationship exists outside of time, an eternal effusion of true creative love begetting true love, their will always one. And the love proceeding from this generation is so true and so creative, it is its own person—the Holy Spirit. “True god from true god” is a trinitarian statement: The father, true God, begetting the Son, true God, and from that begetting proceeds true God, the Holy Spirit. One true God, three persons.

I carry within myself both the externally generated relationships of Mother and of Daughter. My mother and I don’t exist only in relation to one another. Though I can only be a mother because I was first a daughter, my motherhood isn’t generated by hers, though sometimes it is a tribute to hers and sometimes a direct protest. She too is a daughter, in relation to a different mother. My mother’s will and her daughters’ wills are sometimes at odds—we all try our best, but none of us could be described as the true mother or the true daughter.

Nor am I eternally begetting my own daughters. They are the proceeding of the creative love between my husband and me, but they definitely have wills of their own. We share a human nature, but no one would speak of our relationship as “true human from true human”. Humanity, by its nature, is individual, divided. Our wills are united only inasmuch as they’re united in something higher than us, in God’s will.

Jesus isn’t just “god from god”, some eternal divinity co-existing with the Big Father. He is God. There is no division in God, only relationship. As humans, relationship by definition entails division, separate entities sharing (sometimes contentiously) a common family or goal. These fractured mortal relationships are only a shadowing of the essential unity of relationship in God: three persons, one will, true God from true God.


What are your thoughts? What else can we learn from “True God from true God”?




Mrs Darwin blogs with her husband at DarwinCatholic.


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  • Oh Melanie! Thanks be to God! Just look at that lovely wee girlie! Big {{hugs}} Many prayers. I am **so** glad to hear that all went so smoothly this time, and that you had a lovely doctor you knew and trusted already. xoxo

  • I’m so happy to hear it all went so wonderfully, and that you were happy with your OB. I know that it was a trial for you to have to wait those extra days when you’d expected to have her earlier, but it sounds like that time was just what you needed for a smooth operation by a doctor you trusted. Congratulations!

  • Congratulations!,  Thank you for updating so quickly. I was thinking and praying for you. My patron saint for this year is St.  Lucy so I thought at was neat. God bless you all!

  • Congratulations, she is a beautiful pink rose of a baby!!! I love her name. Lucia Rose – you could not do any better than that.

  • Lucia is just beautiful! Congratulations to your family! It seems those extra days of rest worked out wonderfully!

  • Melanie,

    Was thinking about and praying for you all day and am so happy all went well. Little Lucia is gorgeous (as are all your children)!  Congratulations to all the Bettinellis! Lucia looks like a combination of all your children, God’s lovely gift to you all : }

    God bless,
    Mary Frances

  • Oh wow-she is is just beautiful! I’m so glad after the drama of the last week you had such a good delivery. Praise God for good nurses. They make such a difference. Prayers for your quick recovery smile

  • Rejoicing with you at this happy news: welcome, Lucia Rose; congratulations, Melanie and Dom – well done, everyone smile
    The very best of health to you all xxx

  • How beautiful she is!!!  Congratulations!  Glad the delivery went so smoothly, too, after your less-than-ideal experiences with the OB practice.

  • Wow.  She is gorgeous and so like her siblings.  What a beautiful name you have blessed her with.  It is great so see all the prayers for you and her come to such great fruition.  God is merciful and compassionate.

  • Echoing the previous posters—she’s a definite Bettinelli and so healthy and lovely.  Yea, Melanie & Lucia! And to Dom, who shared your anxiety also and now your joy.

    Best of all, it was a happy delivery and your best experience yet.  You were in my day and night waking prayers. 

    After having surgery years ago, I remember feeling the uplift of prayers and could tell when they ended and concern passed to someone else more needy.  May God continue to bless you all and your mother who is holding down the fort and will be doing so for awhile yet while you heal.  Prayers for her stamina also.

  • It is just so awesome that you had your favorite OB again to do your c-section. That cold and stomach bug were really a gift in that sense! Congratulations again!

  • Oh, she’s just beautiful!  (and it must be nice to have a tiny one to carry after lugging Anthony!)

    I’m so glad everything went well with the surgery!  Especially since you haven’t had the best prenatal care…!  We’ve all been praying for you and Lucia down here.

  • Oh Praise God! Easiest of the five c-sections. Exactly how mine went this past March. Mel, she is GORGEOUS! So, so darling. Hugs and kisses and prayers from us all.

  • Oh, Melanie, she is just beautiful. Congratulations! You were in my prayers today. My littlest is just 10 weeks now and I was so blessed by the “mantle of prayer” when she was born. Continued prayers for a speedy recovery.

  • Congratulations!!! We are so happy Lucia Rose is here smile 1/3/13 is a nice and wonderful surprise.  Sending our love from Texas!

  • Congratulations!!!  She is absolutely gorgeous and I am sorry I am late to the party with giving congratulations!!  You look amazing and your family is so beautiful.  God Bless you and little Lucia during your recovery.  Oh, and I love the one with her near the laptop (in one of the newer posts above).

  • Thank you, everyone, for the prayers and congratulations. I wish I had time to respond to everyone individually. It is such a joy to share our happiness with you all.